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Name:The Onion Knight

Character: The Onion Knight.
Series: Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Version: Post-Dissidia
Age: Around 12
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: The Onion Knight is a very cute little boy, with big green eyes, and curly, dark blond hair. While at first glance it seems that the boy has a fairly short haircut, it’s actually quite long, with a long rattail like ponytail reaching all the way down his back. He wears an elaborate outfit, consisting of bright red armor with poofy pants that reach his knees, an orangey-yellow half-skirt and a white cape. He also wears a fancy red and white helm with large white plumage, red fingerless gloves and white shoes with gold piping and red and blue accents. As a Ninja, he wears a stereotypical ninja outfit in red and black, a hood and mask covers his face, and he has a long black cape like scarf. And as a Sage he wears elaborate white and red robes with a billowing cape and a white hat with red accents.

Personality: In a nutshell? A know-it-all little brat.
That’s not to say he’s a bad or unpleasant person, quite the opposite, in fact. He’s just incredibly intelligent and precocious for a boy his age, and he’s well aware of it, which can be off-putting. While he tends to puts on a brave and confidant front, he’s really just a scared, unsure and nervous little boy. He can be a bit overly cautious at times, and will generally stick with the “logical” choice just to play it safe, even if his heart is telling him to do otherwise, he’s been trying to listen to his heart more these days, though. However smart he may be, though, he’s still just a child, and he doesn’t have the wisdom that’s required to make truly smart choices. He’s sweet, friendly and outgoing, though, and has the kind of unrelenting cheerfulness that’s common for boys his age. He also cares about the friends he makes, is very loyal to them, and can get a little protective of them, almost overprotective at times.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths:: The Onion Knight is skilled in both swordsmanship and sorcery, and he wields a short sword.

Where he lacks in strength and power, he makes up with speed and agility. His small stature makes him a hard target to hit. And his attacks, while not that strong, are swift combos that he can chain easily into other attacks. He also has the ability to conjure sword-shaped beams of energy to attack an enemy. These sword beams, oddly, count as a physical attack, rather than magic.

While he doesn’t have a large variety of spells at his disposal, he makes up for it with them being high level spells. He has Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Comet, Quake and Flare. He also has low level Blizzard and Thunder spells in his arsenal, mostly used for a quick magic attack that can be chained into a more powerful spell.

The Onion Knight also has the ability to class change into either a Ninja or Sage for a temporary boost in power that lasts a couple minutes.

Sage boosts his magic ability, making his spells do more damage and having them affect a larger area. It also gives him access to Holy and Meteor, two spells that the Onion Knight would be too weak to cast in his normal class. Onion Knight also wields a staff rather than a sword in this class.

Ninja dual wields a pair of thinner, lighter swords and his physical strength gets a boost, making his attacks more powerful, and making his sword beams larger and more powerful as well. The Ninja class also gives him access to the Throw ability, allowing him to throw shurikens for a powerful attack. He’s also able to use Ninjutsu to teleport behind an enemy for a sneak attack, and allows him to land a critical hit when attacking from behind.

Weaknesses: As stated previously, Onion Knight is a small child, and therefore he’s not that strong or powerful. A bigger, stronger opponent could very easily overpower him. He simply relies on offensive magic, and has no defensive or curative magic. While his class changes boost an aspect of his power, it also cuts off another aspect of it, he cannot cast magic properly as a Ninja, and he cannot attack physically as a Sage. (Well, he could whack someone over the head with his staff, but it wouldn’t be as effective as his sword) Onion Knight’s reliance on his intelligence is a bit of a double edged sword, because while he is very smart, he’s still very emotionally immature, and he’ll often ignore his gut instinct to go with what he thinks is the smart choice.

History: The boy known as The Onion Knight’s story begins on a floating continent, in a city called Ur. He was one of four orphans that lived with the village elder. One day, there was an earthquake that opened up a cave, and the children fell in, and while exploring the cave, they came across a Crystal that makes them Onion Knights, granting them powers and telling them to go forth and save the world, though at the time the children didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. They left their city and traveled the world so they could honor the Crystal’s whishes. The Onion Knights went and saved their world from a wizard name Xande who created an imbalance of Darkness and Light. This imbalance summoned a creature know as the Cloud of Darkness, who, because of the imbalance, intended to return the world to nothingness. The children were able to defeat the creature and restore balance to the world.

The boy known as the Onion Knight thought that would be the last he saw of the Cloud of Darkness, but little did he know he was about to be drawn into something much bigger, and his conflict with the Cloud of Darkness would become personal.

The Onion Knight found himself summoned to a broken, cobbled together world, by a goddess named Cosmos, with warriors from many different worlds, all of them dragged into a war none of them understood. A war they would be forced to fight a dozen times, with their number dwindling every time the war started over. A war that, as far as anyone could tell, would never end.

Then they entered the thirteenth cycle and the tides were turned, the number of the Warriors of Cosmos had dwindled to a mere ten. Cosmos sends her warriors on a quest to gather crystals to give them to power to defeat Chaos, Cosmos‘s opponent, save the worlds, and return them home. During this quest, the Onion Knight ended up traveling with a young woman named Terra Branford, a half-human half-esper who was scared of the destructive nature of her Esper half. The Onion Knight promised Terra that he would protect her while they search for the crystals. While they were traveling, Terra senses a strong power and, despite her reservations, Onion Knight convinces her to follow it. On their way, they encounter one of Chaos’s warriors, Exdeath, who calls Onion Knight a coward after he talks the evil wizard out of fighting them.

The pair continue on their way and find where the power was emanating from only to find nothing. However, Terra suddenly lost control of her powers, transformed into her Esper form and attacked the boy. The Onion Knight fought his friend to try and calm her down, though that proved not to be a very good idea, as the weakened Terra was stolen away by the Cloud of Darkness.

Cosmos appears to the boy and tells him of what happened to Terra, that she was suffering under the Cloud of Darkness. The Onion Knight asks Cosmos for advice on what to do to save Terra, and the goddess tells the boy that the only way to save her was to defeat the Cloud of Darkness. Wanting to avoid the conflict, the boy ask the goddess if there’s another way, and Cosmos tells him to follow his heart. Golbez, another Chaos warrior then appears to talk to the boy, telling him that it’s wise to avoid fighting the Cloud of Darkness and when the Onion Knight still seemed uncertain about what to do, backs up what the goddess Cosmos says and tells him to follow his heart.

The Onion Knight finds where the Cloud of Darkness was keeping Terra, and tricks the Cloud of Darkness by offering to be her servant, and when her guard was down, he tries to fight her to save Terra, deciding in his heart that it was the right thing to do. After he defeats the Cloud of Darkness and saves Terra, Golbez appears to him again and tells him that he did the right thing and that he should continue to protect Terra. The Onion Knight is also presented with his crystal. After all is said and done, he rests with Terra till she could get her strength back.

Once Terra was back on her feet, she and the Onion Knight continue on to search for her crystal, and they get ambushed by Terra’s nemesis, Kefka. Kefka tried to sway Terra to the side of Chaos, but the Onion Knight tires to attack Kefka and he’s whisked away, and it’s unknown where the Onion Knight was and what he was doing after that happened, though he eventually finds his way back to Terra just as she’s preparing to fight Kefka and helps Cloud Strife, who had been helping Terra while the Knight was away, keep the Cloud of Darkness from interfering.

Once all ten warriors found their crystal, they gather with Cosmos and are suddenly ambushes by Chaos and his warriors. Chaos kills the goddess and the warriors start fading away one by one. But they are brought back by the crystals powers and they resolve to kill Chaos once and for all. On their way there, the Onion Knight confronts the Cloud of Darkness again and defeats her again, banishing her back to the Void from whence she came. The ten warriors then confront Chaos and defeat him, ending the war once and for all.

The warriors then find themselves in a grassy fields and one by one, they fade back to their homeworlds.

Or so Onion Knight thought.
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